About Us

YouthCAN (Communication, Advocacy and Networking) is a multi-component program for youth in care of Children’s Aid Societies across Ontario, and Children’s Aid staff who work with them. The functions of YouthCAN are facilitated by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies.

Ontario YouthCAN is the unifying voice for youth in care of Children’s Aid Societies in the province, is dedicated to improving the quality of care for youth in Ontario’s Child Welfare System so that they are empowered, secure and able to realize their fullest potential.

YouthCAN Goals

  •  Advocate on behalf of youth in care in Ontario Children’s Aid Societies.
  • Communicate timely and relevant information to Children’s Aid Societies and youth in care
  • Increase youth input into policy, programs and activities
  • Be a resource to Children’s Aid Societies, youth networks and organizations with a Youth In Care mandate