About Take5

Take5 is a website for children and youth of all ages, from Ontario, who are living away from their parents in foster care, group homes or with relatives. Through Take5 you can learn and connect with others around ways to keep your mind healthy.

How was Take5 made?

Take5 was made by adults (staff of OACAS) and youth with lived experience of care. Funding came from the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. The following youth advisors (‘First Voice Advocates’) co-created Take5:

  • Tashanique Glasgow
  • Conner Lowes
  • Kyngston Bailey
  • Chanice McAnuff
  • Keona Sehmi
  • Brittany Herbold
  • Reshma Shiwcharran
  • Byanka Petrin
  • Dashawn Wedding
  • Christina Loc
  • Aidan O’Sullivan De Peza
  • Kiana Alexis
  • Kiaunna Lesage
  • Samuel Ashirbekov
  • Rose Jones